Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete floors are basically concrete floor surfacesmade to resemble the look of marble, wood, natural stone or other type of flooring. The resemblance is achieved through the incorporation of color into the concrete mixture using either water- or chemical-based technique.

Stained concrete floors allow you to take advantage of concrete’s durability in a cost-effective way.

What are concrete stains?

Concrete stains come in two types. The choice of which one to use is based on your preference. Here are the things that differentiate one type from the other:

1.Chemical Stains

They are otherwise known as acid concrete stains. Natural reactions with the concrete are achieved in this technique through the combination of phosphoric or hydrochloric acids into the mixture. If you want your floor surface to appear in natural or earth tones, the Duraamen of Washington D.C. team will use this technique for you.

Staining the concrete with your preferred hue is made possible by the acids in the mixture. They are responsible for opening up pores within the concrete to allow inorganic metallic salts to enter and react with the material.

Certain factors affect the resulting color though. Such factors include the age and color of the existing concrete, type of aggregate used, moisture content, weather conditions during application and the porosity of the concrete.

Chemical stains produce variegated and translucent design effects adding character to the surface while exuding a more natural appeal. This realistic effect is one advantage that chemical stains have over water-based stains.

2.Water-Based Stains

The color of the stained concrete is more even and predictable when this technique is used.That is because staining the concrete in this case does not depend on any chemical reaction.

Water-based stains on the concrete are also not reactive. Such characteristic widen the available options in terms of color, to the benefit of the users.This type of stains produces mostly uniform colors and opaque coloring effects.

Staining the concrete using a water-based technique is also considered to be safer than employing chemical dyes to change the material’s characteristic grey hue.

Call In The Pros

Staining concrete is an exciting and at the same time, creative process. It allows you to explore the possibilities of a versatile building material which ironically, is not usually exploited to its full potential.

But having stained concrete floors in your facility is a tasked that is best left to those with the proper knowledge and right tools to carry it out. There are certain technicalities that must be observed in order to successfully translate a project’s design goals from paper to well, concrete results.

At Duraamen of Washington D.C., we value our client’s opinion at all times. We present the options they can consider and respect their right to have the final say. We take their inputs into proper account and let them explore better ways to address their needs.

How To Get Started

Do you want to have stained concrete floors in your property? Give us a call today to know how you can improve the appearance of your floor through Duraamen of Washington D.C.’s flooring systems solution.