Industrial Flooring Systems

Duraamen of Washington D.C. is in the business of providing its valued clients with high quality industrial flooring systems tailored to suit every design requirement.

We acknowledge that safety, durability and ease of maintenance are among the major considerations in choosing the right flooring system for an industrial setup. To be considered appropriate to serve its intended purpose, the floor must be able to withstand the impacts caused by the foot and equipment traffic under which it is constantly subjected to.Aside from that, chemicals, oils and intense day-to-day wear can also take their respective tolls on the floor.

We also understand the possible dangers that wrong industrial flooring systems and techniques can bring to the business and its employees. We want our clients to be able to save their precious time and resources by cleverly designing and properly installing the appropriate industrial flooring systems that suit their exacting requirements. This way, we can also save them from the frustrations and damages they could have otherwise endured had they settled for faulty industrial flooring systems.

In every project that we do for our clients, we make sure that our solutions adhere to the industry standards. We also see to it that we remain compliant to even the strictest health and safety standards imposed.

Why Is Protection Necessary For The Concrete?

Concrete, one of the most widely used building material, has certain inherent properties that render it vulnerable. While this versatile material remains popular partly because it is both strong and economical, it is important to remember that it is not immune to cracks and other defects.Proper protective coating is applied on the concrete to improve its resistance from damages caused by nature or brought about by the daily rigors resulting from the activities performed in the space where it is used.

What Forms Of Protection Can Duraamen Of Washington D.C. Provide For The Concrete Floor?

A thorough examination of the project requirements allows us to determine what kind of protection is necessary for the concrete floor to serve its intended purpose.

To combat the effects of abrasions, corrosion or discoloration which can compromise the strength and durability of concrete, we can install any of the following to act as protective barrier:

  • High Build Epoxy Systems. These systems are a form of solution that features an epoxy body coat as well as a polyurethane or polyasporatic protective topcoat.
  • Trowel Applied Epoxy Mortar Systems. Here, we combine a thick resin blend which is particularly effective for heavy-wear industrial settings.
  • Self-Leveling Epoxy Systems. We recommend these systems in situations wherein it is necessary to achieve an even, seamless floor surface.

Besides guaranteeing superior safety and performance, our industrial flooring systems do not fall short in terms of aesthetic appeal. Click here to view the available color options that will allow you to inject creativity to the design of a functional and attractive floor.

We deliver superior quality work all the time. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations for top quality industrial flooring systems regardless of the size and complexity of the project.

Call us to get more details about how our competitively priced yet customized solutions can work for you.