Designer Epoxy Coatings

If you are looking to create seamless, artistic flooring options suitable for use in homes, restaurants, hospitality business, retail store, schools and other residential, commercial and even industrial spaces, then look no further than designer epoxy coatings.

Designer epoxy coatings are solid, translucent coatings applied to the surface of a floor. They are formulated to include metallic pigments or colored metal powders. These pigments are blended and integrated to the surface according to the design preferences of the client.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow To The Floor Using Designer Epoxy Coatings

A three-dimensional look is achieved once the lights, reflected on the coated surface, is scattered to different directions. Blending, splattering, blotching and the employment of other application techniques can also transform a boring floor into something that exudes creativity, commendable taste and attention-grabbing character. You can go for a subtle or dramatic look with this particular type of flooring solution.

These versatile and durable solutions leave a glasslike finish to the floor surface, radiating polished and clean look that complement most design themes.


Designer epoxy coatings can give a face-lift to the weathered, dull, old and uninteresting floors found in residential and commercial properties. For instance, living rooms, dens, showrooms, retail shops, entertainment hubs and restaurants become more inviting as a result of this stylish floor solution.

The Process

  1. Designer metallic epoxy coating gives off sleek and glasslike appearance to the floor. But a leveled floor is necessary in order to achieve that result. Imperfections on the floor must be corrected prior to the application of the coat. Also, if the epoxy coating is to be applied to tile, plywood or VCT, smooth concrete underlayment might first be installed.

  2. A topcoat is laid down on the floor to serve as protection.

The process of applying epoxy coating to a floor surface typically lasts up to four to five days.

Regular and proper maintenance are necessary to preserve the aesthetic appeal of the surface as well as to extend is durability. Also by taking good care of the surface, you can likewise stretch the length of time when you can benefit from a floor that not only serves a functional purpose but an aesthetic one as well.

Protect The Floor

The floor is an essential element of any space that exists not just for structural reasons. It also provides a platform for convergence where ideas are exchanged, laughs are shared, deals are sealed and bonds are made.

If the aforementioned is still not enough to underscore the importance of the floor, it helps to remember that no one can go from one place to another without passing by this particular space. That being said, the floor, being an exposed portion of any space, is one of the first things that people see. How do you want to make an impact through it then?

Do you want to know more about of designer epoxy coating solutions? Call us at any time you deem convenient. We are looking forward to help you find effective, creative and customized solution which will truly address your unique requirements.