Decorative Quartz Flooring

Quartz has turned many heads because of its gorgeousness and understandably sophisticated style. Its various uses span different industries including construction. As a building material, it has provided the touch of luxury and the sense of a space carefully put together. And it comes as no surprise that quartz is available in the market at a hefty price.

Fortunately for those charmed by the appeal of this precious material, Duraamen of Washington D.C. offers an economical alternative that does not compromise aesthetic quality. Allow us to introduce our decorative quartz flooring solution.

Besides being a cost effective solution, decorative quartz flooring is comparatively more resilient than its natural counterpart. It discounts the need to pay more to protect the natural quartz on the floor from chips, cracks and abrasions.

Natural quartz, no matter how beautiful has its share of imperfections too. If you opt for the quartz resin on the other hand, you can expect an even and seamless floor surface that looks as elegant as natural stone.


We have installed decorative quartz flooring systems in academic institutions, warehouses, fire stations, manufacturing areas, laboratories, retail stores and commercial systems to name a few. So far, the reception has been good. Our clients are more than pleased to see that they can achieve an elegant look for their floors without spending more than they can comfortably afford. Their employees and customers seem to agree as well.

Whether your requirements are for residential or commercial use, our team have the necessary experience and skills to successfully accomplish the task.

The Process

A decorative resin will be applied on the floor surface at a thickness of 1/8″. This 100% solids epoxy resin achieves its color through a combination of quartz aggregate and other special fillers. The mixture also creates a thick and impact-resistance surface.

Benefits of Decorative Quartz Flooring

  • Durability. Quartz resin flooring is more hard-wearing than its expensive natural stone counterpart. With the right protective coating, this type of floor system can also be made to be impact-resistant and chemical-resistant too.
  • Versatility. At Duraamen of Washington D.C., we give our clients the option to choose which among the decorative pre-blended colors most appeal to their discriminating taste. The available choices include textured, smooth, stain and gloss finishes. By understanding their unique design requirements, we are able to competently guide them through this process.
  • Affordability. By having Duraamen of Washington D.C.¬†install stimulated quartz on your floor, you are already able to save on materials cost. In addition to that, you are similarly able to make an excellent long-term investment for your property. Moreover, since the protective coating applied on decorative quartz flooring offers ease of maintenance, it also minimizes the frequency and cost of repairs.

Get in touch with us at your time of convenience to learn more about this solution. Let us discuss your requirements so that you will have a better idea on how we can help you out. We are more than willing to give you a quote but hold you under no obligation.