Concrete Resurfacing (Interior)

Cracks, stains and other imperfections on the floor ruin any space as they affect its functionality and aesthetic quality. Add to that, such imperfections also negatively affect the mood and productivity of the space’s users. Fortunately, something can be done to improve the state of damaged floors. At Duraamen of Washington D.C., we offer our clients concrete resurfacing solutions to revive one of the most useful and important elements of any space, the floor.

The Process

Preparation – Before anything else the concrete will be cleared of grease, dirt or any other debris.
Moisture Vapor – This process is administered on a case to case basis. If the state of the floor in question requires for it, a test and treatment for moisture vapor will be done on it.
Application – A polymer modified self-leveling concrete or concrete micro-topping will be applied on the floor. The self-leveling concrete is typically applied at a thickness of ¼” to 1 – 1/12”. The micro-toppings or skim coats, on the other hand, are applied at thicknesses smaller than ¼”.
Our team is more than willing to assist our clients in selecting the type of concrete resurfacing material to be used. We can also help the clients weigh the options so that they can arrive at an informed decision.
Color and Design–Chemical or water-based stains may be used to color the concrete floor. Designs can likewise be applied on the floor to further improve its look.

Click on the links to take a good look at the color options you can consider:

  • Integral Colors
  • Chemical Stains
  • Concrete Dyes

Protective Seal – For protection, durability and aesthetic purposes, sealants and topcoats will be applied on the concrete floor. Our clients can opt for a gloss, satin, matte or flat finish for their space. Our team can also apply additives to the concrete to turn the surface into a non-slippery floor.

The duration of our concrete resurfacing process usually lasts up to four to five days or even longer. The length varies depending on the design requirements of the project.

We, at Duraamen of Washington D.C., value the satisfaction that our clients feel toward our work. Because of that, we deemed it necessary to help them manage their expectations. For instance, we let them know that the topcoat applied and the maintenance performed on the surface are factors which directly impact the longevity of the resurfaced concrete floor. We also tell them that they can count on our competent team members to offer helpful recommendations regarding the topcoat which will best enable them to maintain the strength and appealing physical appearance of their respective floors.

Resurfacing vs. Replacement

Concrete resurfacing is generally a cost-effective process particularly when compared to replacing the floor. However, there are instances when it becomes not exactly a practical solution. Take the case of the concrete floor with large cracks or other significant damages to it. If either appears to be the case of your floor, you may want to consider a total replacement instead. Going that route may save you money and time. At the same time, it may likewise afford you with a much needed peace of mind.

Are you tired of looking at that dull and worn-out floor? Give us a call today and we can prepare an estimate of our concrete resurfacing services based on your unique requirements.