Concrete Resurfacing (Exterior)

Your patio, pool deck, driveway, walkway and any other exterior concrete surface deserve as much thought in terms of design as any other area of your home. This is true not only for residential spaces though. Rather, the design of exterior concrete surfaces of commercial spaces must likewise be given considerable attention. Outdoor concrete resurfacing is a creative and effective solution that enables you to beautify the exterior portions of any space.

In fact, exterior concrete surfaces need extra care. That is because, like any other outdoor area of a structure, such surfaces are left exposed to the elements at all times. Even if some sort of shade is put in place, the effects of the harshness of the weather will still be evident in their appearance sooner or later. Not everyone however can comfortably spend on replacing the weathered, discolored and cracked exterior concrete floors. Truth be told, even those who can afford would settle for an alternative if there’s any. Good thing, there exists an economical yet effective solution in the form of the concrete resurfacing process.

Concrete resurfacing process similarly offers flexibility to the clients. It is possible to incorporate different colors and patterns to the concrete floor in order to further enhance the look of the exterior surface, either to let it exude a distinct character or to enable it to complement the overall design theme of the structure.

The Process

  1. Initially, the exterior concrete floor to be resurfaced will be thoroughly cleaned then prepped for the process. If necessary, the surface will also be tested and treated for moisture vapor emission.

  2. A polymer-modified concrete overlay will be applied onto the concrete surface. Exterior concrete resurfacing products can be applied at a thickness ranging from 1/8” to 1-1/12”, depending on the design requirements of the project.

  3. If you want to incorporate a particular design to the surface, we can layout the pattern by applying stains or dyes to the concrete to help you achieve the look you desire.

For your reference, click on the following links to view our Color Options:

  • Integral Colors
  • Chemical Stains
  • Water Based Stains
  • Concrete Dyes

  4. Lastly, sealants and coatings will be applied on the concrete surface for protection. These topcoats are available in satin, high-gloss, flat and matte finishes. They can also be made to be non-slippery should the exterior concrete surface’s use requires for such feature.

How Long Will It Take?

Normally, the concrete resurfacing process takes about four to five days to complete. That period may be extended due to on-site conditions and project design requirements.


Your resurfaced exterior concrete floor will last long if it is given proper and regular maintenance. Additionally, the longevity of such floor is likewise dependent upon the type of topcoat used. Here at Duraamen of Washington D.C.., our knowledge team members will gladly offer their expert recommendations to help you weigh which one is best from among the topcoat options made available for you.

What You Should Know

We recommend this solution for situations wherein the main goal is physical enhancement of the exterior concrete floor. It is likewise a practical choice if the purpose is to cover minor damages or discolorations on the surface. However, if the surface is in a state of major damage, we would gladly discuss other options with you.

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