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Why would you choose Duraamen of Washington D.C. to fulfill your floor system requirements?

We, a team of experienced, skilled and knowledgeable individuals, strive to understand the business of our clients to be able to formulate a solution that best addresses their unique needs.

Our wealth of experience enabled us to gain a thorough understanding of floor-related problems in residential and commercial settings. We use that in combination with our state-of-the-art tools to create solutions as well as to improve existing ones as we constantly aim to deliver excellent service beyond compare.

We listen to our clients and take their inputs into account. We work closely with them and recommend better ways to address their demanding requirements.

How long will it take to complete a concrete floor enhancement project?

It varies. But most of our solutions can be carried out at an average of four to five days. The project requirementsaffect the duration though. Moreover, it is important to factor in the weather conditions to manage your expectation especially when the floor in question is located on the exterior portion of the property.

How can the concrete floors in industrial settings be protected?

Duraamen of Boston recommends the use of urethane concrete flooring for areas serving an industrial purpose. Since the activities conducted in these places can threaten the durability of the typical concrete floor, special protection is necessary.

Our team understands the need for industrial floor surfaces to withstand the negative effects of excessive moisture, chemicals and drastic changes in temperature. We are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools that can give your industrial floors the proper treatment they require.

What are the options in terms of color?

You can opt for earth tones for a more natural feel. Also, you can go for bolder looks or even exude a dramatic effect on the space through the design of the floor.

There is a wide range of color options available. It is varied enough to meet the requirements of an exacting floor design.

What can be done to beautify a bare concrete slab?

Duraamen of Boston offers polished concrete and decorative quartz flooring services among others flooring systems solutions.

The first option to beautify a concrete floor gives the otherwise dull floor a distinct shine. Polishing the concrete floor also offers ease of maintenance to the users by discounting the need for coatings and waxes.

Staining the concrete is another way to enhance its appearance. This process also enables you to achieve the look of wood, marble and other floor material without the extra cost and labor.

What are the benefits of using concrete as a flooring material?

Concrete is a versatile building material that may be applied for residential and commercial purposes. It also provides a canvas that encourages creativity by permitting artistic modifications as in the case of stained concrete floors.

Concrete can also resemble wood, marble, quartz and other materials. Because of that, there is no need to purchase and install other flooring materials to create the look you want to achieve. That translates to savings in terms of money and time.

Concrete similarly exudes a timeless appeal. You can constantly update the theme of your space even without making changes on the floor.

Why is it important to protect the concrete floor ?

The floor is prone to cracks and other damages as a result of its constant exposure to foot and equipment traffic. Adequate protection delays and minimizes the effects that the damages on the surface can produce.

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